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Special Lunar New Year

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Handpicked Cellar Door 50 Kensington St. Chippendale NSW 2008 Australia

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13th-31st January

To all those affected by the fires, whether that be directly or indirectly, we are thinking of you.

Never have we appreciated the wine community more. Watching everyone come together to support those in this time of need has been truly heartwarming.

This month, in the spirit of Lunar New Year we will be sharing our good fortune. With each Lunar Gift Pack purchase or spend of $88 or more online or instore retail we'll be donating $25 to the WIRES Wildlife Appeal to help support the rescue and care of native animals.

The donation, received in the form of a red envelope, known as 压岁钱 (yā suì qián) translates to “money to anchor the year” and we hope that is some small way that the donations raised do just that.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has contributed.

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Handpicked Cellar Door
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