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2022 Halliday Wine Companion

7 wines awarded 95 points or above




Focussing on nurturing nature, strengthening vineyard connections and dedicating ourselves to the ultimate expression so our wines can ‘speak for themselves’ has really paid off. In another year of tested norms, constant challenges and often working in silos, we are pleased with the results awarded by the Halliday Wine Companion judging team in the 2022 awards.

Please note some of our top scorers are not available yet to purchase. To view their scores, please click here.

A note from our winemaker

“At Handpicked, our vineyards are the heart and soul of our winemaking. The 2022 Wine Companion scores are a beautiful reflection of what we set out to do in caring for these vineyards, nurturing soils and vines and growing grapes of the utmost quality. We are humbled, but equally excited, to see the diversity of sites reflected in the top scores.” Peter Dillon - Chief Winemaker