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Why caviar is the ultimate luxe food you should be eating this spring?

Posted by Roxane

Why caviar is the ultimate luxe food you should be eating this spring?

Caviar is often considered as the ultimate indulgence. But have you ever wondered how to eat it? Here is everything you need to know, to start enjoying this luxurious treat.

How to eat Caviar

Credit: The Financial Review

Caviar is eggs, or roe, extracted from several types of sturgeon fish and then cured in salt brine. Simplicity is the best sophistication and caviar served ‘au naturel’ could well be the definition of sophistication.*

  • Eat from the tin - It might sound gross, but it's the best way to get the pure, full-on, briny, mouth-filling, joyous experience.
  • Keep caviar refrigerated but allow it to come up to blood temperature before eating, to allow the flavour to develop.
  • Use a mother-of-pearl spoon - Metal can react with the caviar and change the taste. Changing the taste is not what you have paid for.
  • Use your hands - Place a spoonful of caviar in the crook of your hand between thumb and forefinger and allow it to rise to ambient temperature. Raise to your nose and inhale, then take it into your mouth, rolling it gently across your tongue. Allow the caviar to melt like butter, then draw in a breath of air and take in the rich, minerally, sea-salty, taste of the ocean.
  • Be gentle - Do not crush or burst the tiny beads before they hit your tongue. Caviar is not avocado, and should not be smashed.
  • Value-add - When you've had enough caviar straight-up, consider slathering the rest on hot buttered sourdough toast, on potato crisps, creamy scrambled eggs, warm buckwheat blinis or buttered, boiled potatoes. Crème fraiche and diced egg white and yolk are good, neutral-flavour carriers.
  • Don't smother it - Don't squeeze lemon juice on top (it will cook the caviar) or serve with finely diced onion (too overpowering).
  • Explore the rainbow - Not all caviar is black. Look for the bright iridescent sea-blue of Shark Bay's wild scampi caviar, hand-harvested from November to March off Australia's north-west coast; the fluorescent orange of Yarra Valley Salmon Caviar; and the shimmering gold of Yarra Valley's Golden Brook Trout Caviar.

*Extract from “What to eat at the Melbourne Cup and other races: Black Caviar wins again” by Jill Dupleix

The Art of Caviar 

This spring, Handpicked Wines Cellar Door in Sydney will host caviar masterclasses with Lisa Downs. The importer of Australia’s largest range of premium caviar, Lisa Downs will take you through the hidden secrets of caviar.  

  • How it is sustainably sourced?
  • Why it is so popular?
  • How to taste it like a pro? 
  • Impress your guests - How to store and serve Caviar?

Each masterclass will involve tastings of different types of caviar paired with wines and vodka. 

Pearl Caviar Masterclasses
23rd October 2018 from 6pm -  click here to book 
19th December 2018 from 6pm -  click here to book

Gold Caviar Masterclass | Introductory Class 
15 November 2018 from 6pm -  click here to book


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