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Did Someone Say Prosé?

Posted by Grace

Did Someone Say Prosé?

Move over Frosé, we’ve got your next summer cocktail obsession.

2016 saw the rise of celebrity deaths, Trump and Frosé. We’re not saying that there is any correlation between those three things….but we are…. #justsayin’ #conspiracy

Jokes aside...our in house wine nerds have been slaving through bottle after bottle of Handpicked (aka summer drinking) to come up with something new for 2017. We think we’ve nailed it. 

Let us introduce you to Prosé. The Prosecco fuelled, citrus blend of summer frozen freshness.

Make Prosé At Home:

More of a home-body? Grab a bottle of Handpicked NV Prosecco and try your hand at making Prose from home! It’s simple.

Serves 2 (245ml glass)

1 scoop of frozen lemon sorbet (softened)
1 cup of chilled Handpicked Italian Prosecco
Garnish of your choice*

1. Place sorbet in a container with a lip for pouring.
2. Add the Prosecco a little at a time, whisking until fully incorporated.
3. Stop when the mixture is frothy and smooth.
4. Pour into two flutes or a vintage Champagne saucer.
5. Serve with your preferred garnish on top.

*Some garnish ideas include edible flowers, mint, fairy floss and pop rocks.

Try the Prosé At the Cellar Door

Visit us at the Handpicked Cellar Door to try this delicious concoction, but be quick - this is for a limited time only. From January 28 you can even make it for yourself, guided by our cellar door staff.


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