2012-Shiraz No. 3-Numbered Series:Beechworth - 2 Bottle Limit




In the high country around Beechworth pristine vineyards are planted on granitic soils in the foothills of the Victorian Alps. Here, the hot days and cool nights of summer and the lingering dry warmth of autumn produce Shiraz wines that are a unique blend of power and elegance.

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    Peter Dillon 
    Director of Winemaking
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    Jonathon Mattick
    Assistant Winemaker 



The wine is a blend of fruit from two premium vineyards on Beechworth’s famous granitic soils, which are similar in composition to parts of the Rhone Valley, the historic home of the Shiraz grape. Elevation is crucial in this region; our vineyards are on slopes at about 500m in the foothills of the Victorian Alps. The climate is continental and hot summer days are tempered by cool nights, allowing fruit to ripen fully while retaining good acid balance.

Our vineyards were planted in the mid-1990s and the fruit shows the depth provided by mature vines. Beechworth Shiraz is known for its combination of power and finesse enhanced by elegant fragrant lift. Honouring the Australian tradition of blending fruit from different regions to make the best wine possible, this wine also has a small parcel of fruit from a vineyard on red volcanic soils at Moorabool in the Geelong wine region. This adds bright fruit flavours and spicy, herbal complexity


The inspiration for this wine began well before harvest in the painstaking search for the greatest vineyards and finest fruit. Each parcel of perfectly ripe fruit was wild fermented separately in hand-plunged open fermenters.

Individual parcels were pressed to barrel and each was carefully nurtured through its 12-month maturation. Sirugue barrels were chosen for their ability to bring out the best in spicy, full-fruited wines and a small number of Bossuet and Dargaud & Jaegle barrels provided added complexity.

The key stage of blending began about nine months into the journey. Every barrel was assessed and many hours spent at the tasting bench seeking a perfect harmony in the many elements that together make a truly great wine. 

This wine is made in the renowned Barossa style - rich and ripe with great depth of flavour. The nose is a complex medley of spicy dark fruits, prunes and fruit cake with cedary oak. The full-bodied palate is rich and spicy with powerful flavours of raisins.

The result is a uniquely balanced wine that slowly reveals its story of the place it was grown, the season it lived, the barrel it rested in and the hands and hearts it touched on its journey to you


Complex and self-assured, this is a bold wine for the serious Shiraz lover. The alluring nose has aromas of dark berry fruits, spice and a hint of ivy. The full-bodied palate is intense with loads of rich, dark berry fruit laced with graphite.

Oak tannins add to the firm structure, yet the finish remains smooth and surprisingly soft for such a big wine. This wine will continue to mature for at least three decades, probably more.